From the offices of Autonomous Organization and SKYDIVE:

Whereas an investigation has shown that during the Republic of Texas Archive War, one box of records was lost when the archives were violently seized by an armed militia-- in all the boxes that remained, there was no record of who owned the land that the building at 3400 Montrose Boulevard stands on; it was originally deeded to Benjamin Lovell and John Purnell for the purpose of starting a Socialist colony, before the land was sold. With the official record for the transfer lost, the new owners had no choice but to reclaim their property through adverse possession; however legally the terms of the original deed take precedent.

Now, the Skydive Office of Cultural Affairs offers the possibilities afforded by this clerical mishap to the public and to assist interested parties in developing proposals to bring the original intention of this land to fruition and to convert this building into a socialist colony.