Its called manual for COMMUNAL BAKERY. Its a bakery run by a small community. It could be placed outdoors or indoors. Its part of an upcoming series of production facilities, that aim to re-introduce local production in small communities.

Chto Delat

The Builders


Erin Elder

More than anything else, I think our new colony requires a campfire circle.

Campfire circles serve many functions. They are a place to gather, to tell stories, to warm one's hands and heart, to sing, to cook, to eat, to make merry. It is a safe place and a space to share. Making a fire circle is a declaration of comfort and intention (one wouldn't build a fire circle if enemies lurked beyond the next ridge) and yet it is a temporary construction. In the travels of settlers and pioneers, adventurers and vagabonds many fire circles are built and then dismantled; oftentimes fire circles are left behind for use by another group of travelers.


José Filipe Moreira da Costa

This work is based on Thomas Harlan’s documentary of the unique moment in Portuguese history when a group of workers occupied the manor of Torre Bela, and formed a self-organized agricultural cooperative on the property. The film juxtaposes the 'shovel sequence' from the original documentary with outside commentary on the event. In this sequence one group member tries to convince another to donate his shovel to the collective as he remains unconvinced that giving up his personal property will be beneficial for him.


The significance of the sq root of minus 1 is that historically it is a controversial calculation. The result of the calculation, 1i, brought about a whole new set of numbers, "imaginary numbers". If you think of "normal" numbers as a line going horisontally, say -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3, the imaginary numbers' line goes vertically crossing the the "normal" numbers' line at point 0.

Karl Marx wrote a paper slamming the possibility of imaginary numbers...